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to Ångström Tribomaterials Group, a part of The Applied Materials Science Division of Uppsala University. Our group conducts research and graduate education focusing on Tribology, including Surface Engineering and Materials.

Our research in tribology aims towards improving or developing new materials, coatings, surfaces structures, etc. "Better tribology" may lead to fantastic benefits in terms or quality, energy, economy, environment & health, safety, raw material savings, and much more. Please learn more about the benefits of tribological research and development and more about our research.

We teach undergraduate courses (civilingenjörskurser) on materials science, surface analysis, electron microscopy, tribology and surface engineering.

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Prof. Staffan Jacobson
Uppsala University
Dept. Engineering Sciences
Box 534
Tel: +46 - 18 - 471 30 88
Fax: +46 - 18 - 471 35 72

Upcoming Events

Senaste upplagan av vår populära kurs Svepelektronmikroskopi i praktik och teori, gavs 27-28 januari 2015. Läs mer och anmäl intresse här.

Ångströms Tribomaterialdagar (Ångström Tribomaterials Days) is our premier annual event (in Swedish) where we interact with engineers representing Swedish industry and our academic colleagues.

Årets tribomaterialdagar gick av stapeln 27-28 augusti, med 48 deltagare. Lär mer om dagarna, gör en intresseanmälan och se program från tidigare möten här.

Aktuella förslag på examensarbeten vid tribomaterialgruppen.


Harald Nyberg successfully defended his PhD thesis Formation and function of low-friction tribofilms at the Ångström laboratory on November 28. Prof Allan Matthews served as faculty opponent. Congratulations!

Lisa Toller and Viktoria Westlund joined the group in September 2014 as PhD students. Welcome!

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New publications
All the latest publications can be found here)

Kaplan, B., Markström, A., Blomqvist, A., Norgren, S. and Selleby, M., Thermodynamic Analysis of the Co-Cr-C System, Calphad available on line June 7 (2014)

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