Electron Microscopy and Nanoengineering

The group is dedicated to the quantitative electron microscopy analysis of materials that take their functionality from single nano-objects down to single atoms as well as to the fabrication of nanomaterials and nano-devices for environmental and health applications.

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BioMaterial Systems

We use mechanical testing, often in combination with imaging techniques and numerical modeling, to achieve a greater understanding of biomaterial and tissue properties as well as biomaterial/tissue interactions and develop pathology- and/or patient-specific materials and implants.

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Materials in Medicine

Our research is focused on materials to be used in contact with living tissues. We research and develop biomaterials for medical devices and drug delivery systems. Our group is formed by a multidisciplinary staff with backgrounds in materials science, chemistry, and biotechnology. We conduct research in close collaboration with the industry and clinicians at both national and international level.

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Our research in tribology aims towards improving or developing new materials, coatings, surfaces structures, etc. "Better tribology" may lead to fantastic benefits in terms or quality, energy, economy, environment & health, safety, raw material savings, and much more. Please learn more about the benefits of tribological research and development and more about our research.
We teach undergraduate courses (civilingenjörskurser) on materials science, surface analysis, electron microscopy, tribology and surface engineering.

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