Biomaterials: synthesis and characterization

Lead by Prof. Håkan Engqvist and Assoc. Prof. Wei Xia

We develop and characterize bioceramics and biomedical alloys for use in dental and orthopaedic applications as well as for drug delivery purposes. Injectable, degradable ceramics are investigated as a scaffold material for both bone and soft tissue regeneration, and technical ceramics such as silicon nitride are investigated as high-strength, biocompatible alternatives to polymers and metals in certain hard tissue applications. We also develop ceramic materials for controlled-release and tamper-resistant drug delivery systems. Furthermore, we investigate biomedical alloys and ceramic coatings for hard tissue and joint repair. These include bulk alloy development, as well as wear resistant coatings or multifunctional coatings with an active substance delivery for e.g. early bone response and antibacterial effects. 

The biological response

Example projects

  • Additive manufacturing of biomaterials
  • Premixed ceramic cements for bone regeneration
  • High-strength ceramic bone cements for spinal applications
  • Scaffolds for spinal cord regeneration
  • Fully biocompatible silicon nitride ceramics for spinal applications
  • Translucent, high-strength ceramics for dental applications
  • Ceramics for opioid drug delivery
  • Antibacterial titanium based alloys
  • Silicon nitride coatings for the reduction of wear in joint implants
  • Synthesis of nanostructured bioactive ceramics
  • Transdermal delivery by ceramics
  • Solution based bioactive ceramic coatings
  • Synthetic bone graft for femoral head necrosis enhanced by mesenchymal stem cells
  • Nano-depot for immunotherapy
  • Bioactive particles towards gapless neural - electrode interface: guided neuron growth