Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper



  • Fredag 28 april, kl 13:00 Häggsalen, Disputation: Erik Möllerström, "Noise, eigenfrequencies and turbulence behavior of a 200 kW  H-rotor vertical axis wind turbine", Opponent: Professor Mats Åbom, KTH, Stockholm, Abstract + Fulltext
  • Onsdag 10 maj, kl 13:15 Häggsalen, Disputation: Jonas Nøland Kristiansen, "A new paradigm for large brushless hydrogenerators: Advantages beyond the static system",  Opponent: Professor Phil Mellor, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Bristol, UK, Abstract + Fulltext
  • Fredag 19 maj, kl 13:15 Polhemsalen, Disputation: Weija Yang, "Hydropower plants and power systems: Dynamic processes and control for stable and efficient operation", Opponent: Dr Christophe Nicolet, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Schweiz, Abstract + Fulltext


  • Tisdag 7 februari, kl 09:00 Häggsalen, Disputation: Linn Saarinen, "The Frequency of the Frequency: On Hydropower and Grid Frequency Control", Opponent Professor Kjetil Uhlen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Abstract + Fulltext
  • Fredag 20 januari, kl 13:15 Polhemsalen, Disputation: Antoine Baudoin, "Cooling Strategies for Wave Power Conversion Systems", Opponent: Dr. Anne Blavette, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), Rennes, France.,  Abstract + Fulltext
  • Fredag 16 december kl 13:15, Å80109, Docentföreläsning: Dr. Markus Gabrysch
    "Diamant - Ett extremt halvledarmaterial", Docenturnämndens representant: Professor Hana Barankova,  Föreläsningen ges på svenska.
  • Torsdag 15 december kl 13:15, Häggsalen, Licentiatseminarium: Francisco Francisco, "Sonar for environmental monitoring of marin renewable energy technologies",  Granskare: Dr Emilia Lalander, FOI, Stockholm.
  • Måndag 12 december kl 13:15, Häggsalen, Disputation: Wei Li ,"Numerical Modelling and Statistical Analysis of Ocean Wave Energy Converters and Wave climates", Opponent: Dr Jens Peter Kofoed, Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, Denmark, Abstract + Fulltext
  • Fredag 9 december, kl 09:15 Häggsalen, Disputation: Stefan Sjökvist, "Demagnetization and Fault Simulations of Permanent Magnet Generators",
    Opponent: Dr. Sami Ruoho, Nordmag Oy, Pori, Finland,   Abstract + Fulltext
  • Onsdag 7 december, kl 13:00 Å80101, Disputation: Yue Hong, "Numerical Modelling and Mechanical Studies on a Point Absorber Type Wave Energy Converter", Opponent: Dr. Jørgen Hals Todalshaug, NTNU Norge,  Abstract + Fulltext
  • Fredag 25 november kl 09:00 Polhemsalen, Disputation: Senad Apelfröjd, "Grid connection of permanent magnet generator based renewable energy systems", Opponent: Dr Frans Dijkhuizen, ABB Corporate Research, Västerås, Abstract + Fulltext
  • Onsdag 9 november kl 13:15, Å80101, Docentföreläsning: Dr. Malin Göteman
    "Storskalig utvinning av elektricitet från havsvågor", Docenturnämndens representant: Professor Hana Barankova,  Föreläsningen ges på svenska.
  • Fredag 4 november kl 09:15, Polhemsalen, Disputation: Jon Olauson, "Modelling wind power for grid integration studies", Opponent: Professor Thomas Hamacher, Technical University of Munich, Tyskland, Abstract + Fulltext
  • Onsdag 5 oktober, kl 15:15,  Juan de Santiago, "Demand control in electric distribution grids", The Lounge Å5105 Ångström lab.
  • Fredag 30 september kl 13:15 Å80127, Licentiatseminarium,  Flore Remouit,  "Underwater electrical connections and remotely operated vehicles", Granskare: Dr Simon Lindroth, Sweco Energuide AB, Göteborg
  • Torsdag 15 september kl 10:00 Polhemsalen, Disputation: Oscar Diaz, "Numerical modelling of positive electrical discharges in long air gaps", Opponent: Dr Raul Montano, R&D manager Power Transformers, PG/PGTR ABB AB, Abstract + Fulltext
  • Fredag 9 September, kl 09:15 Polhemsalen, Disputation: Valeria Castellucci, "Sea Level Compensation System for Wave Energy Converters", Opponent: Dr. Ronan Costello, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Abstract + Fulltext