Department of Engineering Sciences


The PhD course Bio-MEMS is given on-demand by the Microsystems technology division at the Institute of Engineering Sciences. The course gives the necessary introduction to microfluidics theory and the research field of µTAS (micro-total-analysis-systems) with a main focus on miniaturized systems for life science applications. The course is suitable for PhD students with an interest to learn more about these topics independent on the line of studies.

The course is based on the book Introduction to BioMEMS by Albert Folch and it also uses selected chapters from the book Theoretical Microfluidics by Henrik Bruus. Additionally, the students will select and present relevant material from the scientific literature for each seminar...
During the final part of the course, the students will prepare a project work where they design a miniaturized system to solve a challenge.

The course corresponds to 5 hp and active participation in four seminars as well as completion of the project work is required to pass the course. For further information, please contact Maria Tenje.