Department of Engineering Sciences

Micro for meso - microsystems for our society

Microsystems in the service of our society

Microsystems are used in everyday life and provide services to all aspects of society, spanning from the mega challenges of our world to gaming and entertainment. The two major applications areas of microsystems today are in automotive and connected social platforms like smartphones and tablets.  In near future the expectation is that miniaturized sensors and actuators will take a large part in three major technology trends, in internet-of-things, cyber physical systems and in robotics.

The division started with a focus on optical communication platforms in near collaboration with Ericsson AB. Today, its present R&D activities in this field are mostly on microfluidics with applications in environmental monitoring (e.g. in the Centre for Natural Disaster Science, CNDS, or the European Horizon 2020 project Poseidon), in medical technology and in body area networks (e.g. stretchable RF-electronics originated in the Vinnova Excellence Centre Wisenet).