Department of Engineering Sciences

Fabrication and evaluation of multilayered photocatalytic films

We advertise a master thesis work on solar light enhanced self-cleaning and air purifying coatings. The project will use a novel method to increase the photocatalytic reactivity of thin titanium dioxide (TiO2) films by means of a multilayer approach, whereby a thin TiO2 film is sputter deposited on a solar light absorbing substrate, either simulating a solar absorber or selective near infrared absorbing film. The main idea behind the project relies on harvesting absorbed solar heat and transport of this heat to a thin photocatalytic layer. This approach facilitates temperature dependent control of water coverage and reaction rates, which is expected to enhance the activity of the multilayer film. The project is of experimental nature and includes thin film techniques to make films, materials characterization (primarily XRD and spectrophotometry), optical modelling to obtain optimal thicknesses for the multilayer structure, and evaluation of the catalytic performance. The results will be analyzed by kinetic modelling and benchmarked against comparable films deposited on substrates that do not absorb infrared light.

If you are interested contact Lars Österlund or Andreas Mattsson