Engineering Sciences at Uppsala University

We strive to find new technical solutions that allows for sustainable energy production and better living conditions for people across the world.

Three new departments within engineering and natural science

From the first of January 2020 the Department of Engineering Sciences was divided into three new departments: Department of materials science and engineering, Department of electrical engineering and Department of civil and industrial engineering.

Our hope is that the sharing will lead to better opportunities for collegial discussions and decision-making processes where more people can become involved as well as more opportunities for strategic work in education, postgraduate education and research.

For many years the Department of Engineering Sciences at Uppsala University has conducted a broad research in a broad sense, aiming to lead the development of sustainable technology, energy supplies and life science technologies. Our objective is to understand and develop techniques that give mankind a better life. Our research encompasses both science and technology. Science helps us to understand how everything works and technology helps us to build solutions based on new knowledge.

All Departments belong to the Faculty of Science and Technology

Here is to find us
The three departments are located at the Ångström Laboratory. At the web page of campus Polacksbacken, where Ångtröm Laboratory belongs, you will find map, road description and different modes of transport.