Demand response electricity consumers as a flexibility resource

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  • Location: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1 Siegbahnsalen (10101)
  • Lecturer: PhD Cajsa Bartusch. Chairperson: Professor Enrico Baraldi. The Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering hereby invite all interested to a docentship lecture in subject Engineering Sciences with a specialization in Industrial Engineering and Management.
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  • Organiser: Department of civil and industrial engineering
  • Contact person: Cajsa Bartusch
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The lecture is an obligatory teaching test for those applying for admittance as docent and it should be possible for students and others with basic academic education in the relevant field to follow it. The lecture will last for 45 minutes and afterwards the audience may ask questions. The lecture will be given in Swedish.

Peaks in electricity demand have profound impact on the environment and capacity shortage in power grids threatens to slow down societal development. An increase in consumption flexibility is considered part of the solution and demand side response is an umbrella term for measures to that end. The lecture illustrates why peak electricity demand is problematic using local conditions as an example and gives an overview of theoretical approaches to understanding electricity consumer behaviour and interventions that aim to bring about flexibility of use.