Preserving the Vasa

As time passes the wood in the hull of the Vasa Ship is continually weakening. We’re involved in the development of a new support structure with the intent of extending the life of the four hundred year old warship.

From research to benefits to society

The department of materials science and engineering will continue the work of the former department of engineering science and take a firm grip of the community benefit of the technology, and meets a wide range of current challenges such as Alzheimer's disease, chronic pain, better prosthetics and implants, natural disasters, wireless sensor networks, smart windows, better indoor environment, future energy supply and so on. We have many years experience in running research from idea to finished products on the market. This is reflected in our successful collaborations with business and in our viable spin-off companies.

Collaboration within science and technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology has a common unit for collaboration with schools, industry and society. Among other things they coordinate study visits at the department and a annual science festival where our researchers participates and contribute. At their web page you can also read about ways to collaborate with our education and research.

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Uppsala University’s Alumni Network is a network for former students and a meeting place for career development and forging professional contacts.

The Alumni Network is for everyone who has studied or worked, or is working at Uppsala University. Also our honorary doctors, guest researchers, board members and others close to the University are regarded as alumni.

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