Outline for Master's Programme in Renewable Electricity Production

Masterprogram i förnybar elgenerering

  • 120 credits
  • Programme code: TFE2M
  • Established: 2014-11-11
  • Revised: 2018-11-13
  • Revised by: The Faculty Board of Science and Technology
  • Reg. no: TEKNAT 2018/144
  • Outline applies from: Autumn 2019
  • Responsible faculty: Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Responsible department: Department of Electrical Engineering


  • Latest outline (applies from Autumn 2019)

Semester 1

Period 1

The course Hydroelectric power - Technology and Systems, 10 credits (1TE029) is also given during the third semester.

Period 2

1TD184: Notice: This course has additional entry requirements compared with the programme itself. 
Corresponding courses are not included in the programme outline.

Semester 2

Period 3

Modern Physics, 5 credits (1TE078) is an entry requirement for the course Solar Energy - Technology and Systems, 10 credits (1TE028). 1TE028 is an entry requirement for the course 1TE724 (the courses may be taken simultaneously). 1TE678 is the recommended solar energy course within the programme. 

Period 4

1TE840 Undergraduate Thesis in Renewable Energy Production 15 credits, only for students who wish to finish with a Degree of Master of Science-One Year. The course is given in periods 13-14.

Semester 3

Period 1

Only one of the following courses in solar energy may be included in the exam: 1TE678 and 1TE028.

Period 2

Semester 4