Navel-gazing workshop: Problematizing critical scholarship


Welcome to the third navel-gazing workshop arranged by the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management and the Department of Business Studies at Uppsala University. This workshop addresses the current status of critical theories and their effects. There exist many different ways of applying and advancing critical theory, where it sometimes is unclear whereto such research endeavours lead. The purpose is thus to problematize critical scholarship to further explore the possibilities to go beyond it. We will first discuss the genealogy of critique and the general claim that we live in depoliticized times in the post-political condition. We will thereafter interrogate critical perspectives in relation to entrepreneurship, sustainability and activism. Those participants who wish so can also contribute to the discussions with their own perspective on critical research, be it within critical management and organisation studies or some other field.

Mats Börjesson, Professor at Department of Child and Youth studies, Stockholm University, will give his view of the broad strokes of critical perspectives, with expertise in methods and social theory. Börjesson has published books in the perimeter of the topic, for example ‘Diskurser och konstruktioner - en slags metodbok’, ‘Diskursanalys i praktiken’ (Börjesson & Palmblad) as well as the series ‘BeGreppbart’ (Börjesson & Rehn). Jenny Helin and Annika Skoglund will in discussion with Börjesson exemplify front-line methods that can take scholars beyond a mainstreaming of critical theory.

With: Prof. Mats Börjesson, Department of Child and Youth Studies, Stockholm University
When: 21st of March, 13:00 - 17:00, followed by drinks
Where: (Details TBA)

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