Maria Strömme and Håkan Engqvist receive SSF's "Nyttiggörandepris 2018"


In October 2018, SSF announced a second round of the program "Nyttiggörande Pris 2018" and Professor Maria Strømme and Håkan Engqvist from the Department of Engineering Science were two of the laureates.

SSF's Nyttiggörandepris aims to stimulate and increase commitment to utilizing research results in the Foundation's research program and to make the effects of such efforts visible. Of the 14 applications received, SSF's evaluation committee chose three projects that receive a prize / scholarship.

Maria Strømme

It is awarded a first prize of 100,000 SEK to Maria Strømme from Uppsala University, and two other prizes of 75,000 SEK to Carlota Canalias from KTH and Håkan Engqvist from Uppsala University.

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