The institution's employees receive the NOR award for 30 years of rites and righteousness in the nation's service


May 17th the award "For righteousness and honesty in the service of the kingdom" (NOR) is given to 80 employees at Uppsala University.

The ceremony is taken place in the university house. Five of the people who receive the prize belongs to the Department of Engineering Sciences: Maria Fredriksson, senior lecturer, Håkan Kullvén, senior lecturer, Mia Ljungblom, university lecturer, Ewa Sääf, course administrator and Åsa Kassman Rudolphi (senior lecturer and head of department).

The award has existed since 1803 and is awarded once a year to those who have been employed within the state for at least 30 years or for 25 years in connection with retirement, and has been performing impeccably during his or her employment.

When: May 17 at 14.00.
University House, hall X, 1 tr.