PhD position in Experimental Semiconductor Catalysis, Especially Electronic and Light-induced Processes for Water Treatment


Research on nanomaterials relevant for energy and environmental applications are well established at the Department of Solid State Physics at the Ångström Laboratory. In many cases, it is the electronic properties of materials that provide the desired functionality. Semiconductor materials is the class of materials currently used in a number of "green", or so-called CleanTech technologies, such as PV solar cells, photoelectrochemical solar cells, water splitting, artificial synthesis of hydrocarbons, and water treatment. Common to these is that electronic excitations and electron transport is used in each application. Research on optical and electronic properties of semiconductor materials is the key to understanding and creating new materials, combinations of materials and devices for the "green" applications.

Information about the project: The research is of a fundamental nature, but will be implemented in collaboration with other graduate students in the department who are working with more applied problems. The project comprises measurements and analysis of the electronic and optical material properties of the semiconductors of metal oxides, and combinations thereof. You will both participate in nano-fabrication of low dimensional semiconductors as well as measure on materials provided from other researchers. The current project aims to provide a fundamental understanding of the electronic properties of the new class of semiconductor materials, especially low-dimensional metallic oxides limited in 1D, 2D and 3D (thin films, wires and particles) where the electronic excitations, electron transport and surface reactions of these materials will studied in connection with their function as materials for purification of water. The PhD project includes the development of spectroscopic and electrical methods, surface probe microscopy, data analysis and theoretical modeling.

For our research we are looking for those who are curious and keen to take on new challenges. You will participate in the very exciting research which is of great importance to future energy and environmental applications.

Qualifications: Suitable candidates have MSc degree in Engineering Physics, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science orientation, or corresponding education. We require good oral and written proficiency in English. Knowledge in optics is an advantage. PhD position is for four years but can be extended to a maximum of five years including department duties at most 20% (typically teaching). Additional information is available on the divisions's website,, the department website, or the faculty website at

Further details about the position and information how to apply is available at the university homepage

Last date to submit your application is January 31 2017.