The CeramTec Group is an international leading supplier of advanced ceramics with annual sales of 600 million Euro and 3500 employees in Europe, Asia and America. With a tradition of more than 100 years, CeramTec serves major markets like automotive, electronics and the medical segment with highly innovative products and components.

Since 1974 more than seventeen million ceramic BIOLOX® femoral heads and BIOLOX® inserts have been delivered for total hip replacements. Customers and surgeons all over the world put their faith in the pink coloured BIOLOX®delta ceramics.

Dr. -Ing. Thomas Pandorf (Director Research & Front End Development, Medical Division, Plochingen) received a doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering, University of Bochum (Germany) in 1996. He was Head Engineer and Senior Lecturer at the RWTA Acchen (Germany) from 1996 to 2005. Since 2006 he has been working in medical device industry in different responsibilities. He has detailed knowledge in damage and fracture mechanics, biomechanics, and medical product development.

Dr. -Eng., Mateusz Juszczyk (Testing Laboratory Manager, Medical Division, Lauf) received his PhD in Bioengineering, University of Bologna (Italy) in 2009. Since 2011 he has been working in medical device industry. He has deep knowledge in medical product development especially in regard to mechanical integrity and testing of medical implants.

Role in the project: CeramTec is the leader of work package (WP) 3 - Structural design and advanced mechanical characterization of novel materials and implants for the spine. CeramTec contributes to WP2 and contributes to the supervision of early stage researchers (ESRs) participating in the project, i.e. ESR10 (Design of an all-ceramic TDR), ESR12 (Development, characterization and scale-up of all-ceramic TDR), and ESR6 (Development of adverse testing scenarios for TDR).